Older Daddy - Gen X Dada, Carl Franke

Here we are after the 2016 Glenside Arts Festival. I think it’s our first group shot.

My name is Carl Franke. I am a Generation X Dad (or, Dada as my son Wesley calls me). He used to call me “Papa” in the way that Lady Mary of Downton Abbey would state it, but I think it’s officially “Dada” now.

Generation X is the last to remember a life void of the Internet, before parents could track their kids, calm them with YouTube videos and stalk them on social media to see what they are really doing.

I live with my wife, Melissa, an amazing Mama and photographer. Together, we have a 4-year-old son (Wesley), a beautiful and often smiling daughter (Simone) and an orange and white cat (Santucci).

We live on the worst stretch of road in Glenside, PA… on Tyson Avenue. This is part of the Edge Hill / Tyson Reconstruction that, with any luck, will begin construction in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.¬†We live in a 1921 bungalow style Sears Home. I can’t find the exact model, but it is quite similar to: The Fairy.

My days are filled with digital marketing and parenting. Somewhere in there, I try to sleep and get back into the hobbies that I love: playing piano and writing.

Blog post ideas usually come to me while I sit in the darkness with Wes, as he slowly falls asleep but won’t let me leave the room.